Thanks so much for attending our Careers 360 Immersion Day. We hope you found it useful, engaging and even fun! We loved it and loved your questions, feedback and all of the dialogue we had on social media. Below you’ll find ten top tips from the day to help you take your next step towards a dazzling professional life.

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The Penguin Living Team

Ten Top Tips from our Careers 360 Immersion Day

‘Employers take an average eight seconds reading your CV, so make it impactful, punchy and to the point’



‘Remember and practice the ‘Nail’ questions that will make the interviewer sit up, take notice and remember you’

Tim Vincent


‘Everyone has a story, draw out the positives and tell it enthusiastically’

Simon Boyle


‘When promoting yourself think about you as a brand’

Step Up Club


‘Total football – speak the language of the person you are talking to’

Kathryn Jacob and Sue Unerman

@cinemalover and @SueU

‘Tackle nerves by remembering FOGBOC (Feet on Ground, Bum on Chair)’

Caroline Goyder


‘Write down five things you’re curious about and find experts in them’

Bill Burnett


‘Successful career change is where there is a push from where you are and a pull elsewhere’

Kevin Rodgers

‘Think big and start small’

John Williams


‘Dig deep and understand what’s really stopping you doing what you want to do’

Shaa Wasmund